Friday, August 03, 2012

HAUL from Love Stuff Clay Factory

Wazzup blog? Almost forgot I had you. I'm so sorry blog :( As always, been busy at work and don't have spare time to blog about what I've been doing lately. But now, I've got the chance to blog about my Recent Haul. So here's the story:

I got addicted to this clay store where you can request your own design(customized). If you're a follower of my blog, I'm sure you have read about my last year's post. If you don't know what I am talkin' about, here's a recap: (click here)

Accessories made of clay? Cool? But that's not an ordinary clay we used to play when we were kiddos :D. Accessories were made of "POLYMER CLAY", an oven-baked material that you can mold or you can sculpt. It comes in different colors.

Here are some of my accessories I ordered from Love Stuff Clay Factory:

 Plants VS Zombies Phone Charm

Domo Kun Necklace

I never got the chance to took photo of the Starbucks Phone charm I gave to Meryl as my Christmas Gift to her. But if you want to see, click here. She blogged about that :)

And wait, theres more:

Customized Accessories I ordered: 

 Skull and Smiley Ring

Camera Bag Charm with Coffee Bean, Slice of Cake and Cookie

Wearing my Customized Skull Ring at the office

Lol, kill me now for ordering a lot of accessories. But this is not the end of my "ADDICTNESS".

Have you heard about "PLUGY"? A plug-in earphone jack for IPhone. I also want to have it on my phone just like Dara's phone: 

Miffy Plugy

Love Stuff Clay Factory is now accepting orders for customized Plugy earphone jack. I've always wanted to be unique and different, so I ask Cheysser(owner of the store) to customize a plugy for me. Here's my pick:

Super Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool

I ask Cheysser to customized 2 earphone jacks for me. Princess Toadstool's head  for me and Super Mario's head for??? Hahahaha. That's my favorite video game actually :) I can't wait Cheysser to finish it. She said, she'll finish it by next week. I'll blog about that once I have them :)

Oh BTW, please please like Cheysser's Page (click here). If you want to order, there is a complete detail on the page on how to order.


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