Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FINDS: Japanese Stickers

Three days straight of blogging and it's a record breaking for me, lol. These past days, I've been blogging about my new stuffs and new finds. And today, I want to share my haul from my favorite "abubot" store, Love Stuff Clay Factory. But this time, I didn't order customized accessories or accessories made of clay. I found out that the owner is also selling Japanese Stickers for scrapbooking. Ok, here's the photo of the stickers I ordered:

Cats and Pigs Japanese Stickers

These are soooo cute stickers. The texture of stickers are emboss, puffy, and soft. There are lots of kawaii cats and pigs with their different expressions, paw prints, fishes, and cakes. These are perfect for scrapbooking and making cards. Look where did I put the kawaii stickers :D

Kawaii Stickers at the Back of my Phone

I put the stickers at the back of my phone. Isn't cute? Also, I am planning to put these on my planner :)
Share your ideas by leaving your comment at the comment section. Hope you like it XD Kbye!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Love Package from My Aunt

Hello Loves, I'm blogging again. Just want to blog about the "PASALUBONG" I received from my aunt last Friday. I'm sure you've read about Jean's pasalubong for me. And nothings change, another kikay stuffs for me. So here they are: (hahaha, I'm not bragging)

A set of Art for Eyes. Here's what the box included:

2 Eye shadow Palette, with Cream Eyeliner and Eye Highlighter

More Eye Crayons, eyeliner that doubles as an eye shadow :D 
I bought an eye pencil sharpener to sharpen my eye crayons/pencils because I've got lot of eye crayons in my make up pouch *_*

Different color variations of Liquid Eyeliner
I haven't tried this yet. I still have my Elf Liquid Eyeliner for my everyday use.

Wet N' Wild Lipsticks

A set of Make Up Applicator
Includes, powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye blending brush, sponge applicator, eyeliner brush, brow brush, lash & brow groomer, lip brush, mirror and case included :)

Manicure Perfection, for my Nail care
Includes a battery operated nail buffing file, with 6 boards, cuticle cream, top coat, base coat, and 2 toe separators :)

And last,

3 Super Mario Shirts.

I want to thank my aunt for giving all of these stuffs. You really know what I want. I guess, I'll put these items to good use :). Thank you thank you so so so much.

With love, Lin

Monday, August 27, 2012

NOTD: Glittery Gold

Still busy with things. I may have been very stressed these days but at least, I still have time on painting my nails.

Here's what I used for my nails: The NEW Bobbie Nail Creme Heavenly Glitz, I bought last Friday.

Glitter is LOVE. Stressed ME doesn't show in my nails :)
Hope y'all like it *_*

Monday, August 13, 2012

FINDS: 3D Nail art Accessories

Hello loves. I'm sure you already knew that I love nail art. Been trying to scout for tools and accessories. I found few 3D nail art accessories that I'm sure you'll love.

Been seeing a lot of nail art with Fimo Canes. Fimo is also a brand of polymer clay(which I am talking about with my last post). Good thing, Lovestuff Clay Factory is also selling sliced fimo canes via Facebook for a very cheap price, Php 50 for 100 pcs assorted designs, approximately 50 cents each slice. Here's a sneak with the sliced fimos I've bought:

 A Sliced of Apple fimo, hmmmm looks juicy ;p

 Cute Yellow Bunny, hello there bunny.

 There's also Mymelody Fimos, can't wait to use them :)

Also, Hello Kitty's Ribbon Fimo, aren't they cute?

I've sorted all the fimos according to their designs. There's so many designs to choose from. You can check them out by clicking here :)

(I do not own this photo)

You can bought them as canes but you need to slice them with a penknife or a cutter. But me, I've bought them sliced because I'm too lazy to slice them, lol.

Ok lets move on.

 12 Color Nail Art Manicure Wheel with Heart Rhinestones

Got this from Jean's pasalubong. I also found out that Love Stuff Clay Factory is also selling these stones. Php 25 for 100 pcs in assorted colors. You can check it out here.

Even my sister loves them too. She wanted me to share these to her.

I've tried some on my nails. I applied nail polish and stick on the decor and clear nail polish on top.

Hello Kitty Nails, using Hello Kitty's Ribbon Fimo

My nail design I've made yesterday, using White Rhinestones

WARNING: Hauling for these things can be so ADDICTIVE, loljk.

Nail-aholics, I hope I've helped you out with these things. If you want to share yours, feel free to leave a comment below.

Friday, August 03, 2012

HAUL from Love Stuff Clay Factory

Wazzup blog? Almost forgot I had you. I'm so sorry blog :( As always, been busy at work and don't have spare time to blog about what I've been doing lately. But now, I've got the chance to blog about my Recent Haul. So here's the story:

I got addicted to this clay store where you can request your own design(customized). If you're a follower of my blog, I'm sure you have read about my last year's post. If you don't know what I am talkin' about, here's a recap: (click here)

Accessories made of clay? Cool? But that's not an ordinary clay we used to play when we were kiddos :D. Accessories were made of "POLYMER CLAY", an oven-baked material that you can mold or you can sculpt. It comes in different colors.

Here are some of my accessories I ordered from Love Stuff Clay Factory:

 Plants VS Zombies Phone Charm

Domo Kun Necklace

I never got the chance to took photo of the Starbucks Phone charm I gave to Meryl as my Christmas Gift to her. But if you want to see, click here. She blogged about that :)

And wait, theres more:

Customized Accessories I ordered: 

 Skull and Smiley Ring

Camera Bag Charm with Coffee Bean, Slice of Cake and Cookie

Wearing my Customized Skull Ring at the office

Lol, kill me now for ordering a lot of accessories. But this is not the end of my "ADDICTNESS".

Have you heard about "PLUGY"? A plug-in earphone jack for IPhone. I also want to have it on my phone just like Dara's phone: 

Miffy Plugy

Love Stuff Clay Factory is now accepting orders for customized Plugy earphone jack. I've always wanted to be unique and different, so I ask Cheysser(owner of the store) to customize a plugy for me. Here's my pick:

Super Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool

I ask Cheysser to customized 2 earphone jacks for me. Princess Toadstool's head  for me and Super Mario's head for??? Hahahaha. That's my favorite video game actually :) I can't wait Cheysser to finish it. She said, she'll finish it by next week. I'll blog about that once I have them :)

Oh BTW, please please like Cheysser's Page (click here). If you want to order, there is a complete detail on the page on how to order.