Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Oh Hi! Been "KAWAII" lately. I wanted to share 2 cute stuffs I purchased these past days.

 Eye Mask from SM Dept. Store

So I can have a "BONGGANG" Sleep -_-

Anime Hat from Chikara Hats

I'm sure you've seen Myrtle(PBB Teen 4 Housemate) wearing Anime Hats at PBB House. Izzzo kyot. I bought it from here o,O They also have White Panda, the exact same hat worn by Myrtle which she got from them. Chikara Hats accept shipping via LBC. So place your order here.

Here's my fav photo of the Day: (I'm crazy and i know it)


"I want someone who knows how completely insane I am, and yet wouldn't want me any other way ♥"

On the other news, last Apr 18, I received an email from Ms. Aisa Ipac. She emailed me that I won from her 2012 Giveaway by Closet Chic. OMG, I didn't expect. Let me share the prize: click here. I'm so excited to receive the prize, lol. I'll blog about that once I already receive it.

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