Monday, March 12, 2012

Funeral for a Friend

"When I was young, I've dreamed of becoming a Fashion Model. Madami na din ako nasalihan na contest. Kaya lang, nung nasa college degree na ako, dun ako nag-start mag-gain ng weight. So I'm model na lang on my own Blog :)" -Lin

Black Sheer Top, Marie Stuff N' Shop | Denim Shorts, Thrifted | Black Doll Shoes, SM Department Store | Bag, Secosana | Long Necklace

Title from my favorite Punk/Screamo Band, Funeral for a Friend. I'm like goin' to a funeral because of my all black outfit today. What I love about today's outfit is my new black sheer top with polka collar I bought online(click here). After watching movie with my cousin, we went to the mall's parking lot to take some pictures for my outfit post. Thank's Chie for the effort for these lovely shots. (You may also see other photos here)

P.S. : My sister is too busy. So I've hired new photographer, lol.

Floral Sheer Top

Chie's Filmstrip

Floral Sheer Top | Denim Shorts | Long Necklace
Acknowledgement to Chie for these photos for my OOTD post


Took all by myself, lol XD