Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ramen Queen

How's your Saturday? Mine was exhausting. I spent the day with bunch of clothes :| And after being house "LABANDERA", I ate my favorite "TOP RAMEN NOODLES". Om nom :q But before I open the noodle pouch, I took again some photos for the album "HEADSHOTS 101". Here's the collage:


I can eat not "A BOWL" but "BOWLS" of ramen a day(gluttony). Ramen are favorite boiled noodles in Japan basically served in different flavored soup. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Oriental, Picante Beef and Chili.

BTW, let me show you the inspiration for today's headshots:

Who's real and who's not? Lol.

Today's Headshot was inspired by my favorite singer HAYLEY WILLIAMS of Paramore. I love and adore Hayley so much. How I wish I can sing too like her. She really rocks \m/

I'm having fun taking pictures for Headshot 101. How about doing it every single day to overload my Facebook Timeline? Loljk

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