Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OOTD: The Day I was Hello Kity

Hello Kitty Bat Wing Sleeves, bought at Market Market | Black Tight Jeans, Wrangler | Floral Shoes, SM Department Store | Scarf worn as Usagi Headband

These photos were taken last Sunday afternoon after my hair dying session at the salon. Wearing my Hello Kitty Bat Wing Sleeves shirt paired with black tight jeans and my floral shoes. I used my red scarf and knot it like Hello Kitty's red bow. I love Hello Kitty so much. She's very cute :).

Funny, every time I'm taking pictures for my outfit post, my face is always awkward :D(notice photos 1 and 3) We can't take a good photo. Every time I pose, and my sister clicks the camera, the wind is blowing my hair :| But I want to thank my sister, Ching for having these shots for me, and as always, she's willing and very patient the whole time. Love you so much sis XOXO <3

BTW let me show my "Headshot Drama" as I brag the new color of my hair, lol.

HEADSHOT #003: The Ash Blonde Crazy B*tch

How do you like it?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ramen Queen

How's your Saturday? Mine was exhausting. I spent the day with bunch of clothes :| And after being house "LABANDERA", I ate my favorite "TOP RAMEN NOODLES". Om nom :q But before I open the noodle pouch, I took again some photos for the album "HEADSHOTS 101". Here's the collage:


I can eat not "A BOWL" but "BOWLS" of ramen a day(gluttony). Ramen are favorite boiled noodles in Japan basically served in different flavored soup. Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Oriental, Picante Beef and Chili.

BTW, let me show you the inspiration for today's headshots:

Who's real and who's not? Lol.

Today's Headshot was inspired by my favorite singer HAYLEY WILLIAMS of Paramore. I love and adore Hayley so much. How I wish I can sing too like her. She really rocks \m/

I'm having fun taking pictures for Headshot 101. How about doing it every single day to overload my Facebook Timeline? Loljk

Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Got Bored

Let me have a short break for my outfit post since wala ako mai-post. I have to buy new set of clothes for OOTD post here on blog. 

I just got bored while waiting for my aunt. Since nakatigil yung car, I've took some pictures of  my haggard face while I'm alone using my phone. And because of these photos, I have new project/album on My Facebook I entitled "HEADSHOTS 101". I got the idea from a blogger whom I adored so much. And here are my awkward shots :)


BTW, these past days I was so busy with my work. And I'm so exhausted :| Seriously, I'm not excited with the weekend because I will be spending the whole Saturday with the laundry. Goodluck to me. YAY!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

OOTD: Better OFF

Tank Top, Artwork | Black Cardigan, Milk & Co. | Denim Shorts, Thrifted | Brogue Shoes, Tomato

Since it's my "MEGA" daaay off last Saturday, I went to the mall nearby with my officemate. The mall was jam-packed with shoppers because it's their "3-DAY SALE". And also I have my first February Haul. A pair of floral flats I bought from the department store for only Php 299. (Photo will be uploaded soon).

Back with my OOTD, I've decided to wear a very comfy outfit. Tank Top printed with Bear(you may also see it here) layered with Black Cardigan paired with Denim Shorts and my-oh-so-favorite Brogue Shoes a.k.a the Oxford Shoes.

I know my face is kinda awkward though. Don't mind them. I'm just not in the good mood while taking pictures that day.

How duh yah like my outfittey?

P.S: Yesterday, my blog celebrates it's 1st year anniversary. Hahaha, I'm too lazy to blog about "Achievements for the Whole Year". But promise I'll post it. Kbye