Friday, January 27, 2012

OOTD: The Day I Wore Men's Polo

Checkered Polo, from a friend | Key Necklace from Macs | Stonewash Denim Pants, Aeropostale

I wore this outfit on my first daaaay of work. I wasn't in the mood to look "FIERCE" that day but I wanted to wear the "ARBORED" checkered polo from a male friend and took photos of it after I got home from work. Funny how I wore a men's polo. I dressed like a man but I'm comfy with it and wore it girly instead. I feel like a COWGIRL from a movie, tahahahaha.

Acknowledgement again for my sis who took these lovely photos.

On the other news, my blog will celebrate it's 1st Birthday on the 7th of February. Hahaha, congratulate me  for not neglecting this blog. I promise myself that I'll keep posting for this blog. XOXO <3


  1. Naks! You know Raleene? You kind of look like her :)

  2. Hi Vina, who's Raleen? I don't know her. Blogger din?

  3. Yup, blogger :) Anyway, if you have time please join my post birthday blog giveaway here:

    haha thanks, Lin! :)

  4. I saw her na. Ok I will and sana manalo ako, lol.