Friday, January 27, 2012

OOTD: The Day I Wore Men's Polo

Checkered Polo, from a friend | Key Necklace from Macs | Stonewash Denim Pants, Aeropostale

I wore this outfit on my first daaaay of work. I wasn't in the mood to look "FIERCE" that day but I wanted to wear the "ARBORED" checkered polo from a male friend and took photos of it after I got home from work. Funny how I wore a men's polo. I dressed like a man but I'm comfy with it and wore it girly instead. I feel like a COWGIRL from a movie, tahahahaha.

Acknowledgement again for my sis who took these lovely photos.

On the other news, my blog will celebrate it's 1st Birthday on the 7th of February. Hahaha, congratulate me  for not neglecting this blog. I promise myself that I'll keep posting for this blog. XOXO <3

Dear Blog :D

I found out that my facebook is kinda boring today." HUWALA MAN LANG DUMADATING NA NOTIFICATIONS". Tseh! Mas ok pa nga ata dito sa blog, mag-stalk ka ng site ng ibang blog, magbasa ng mga nakakatawang blog at kung ano-ano pa. Pero halos naman ata ng ibang friends ko, hindi nagba-blog. AS IN, HINDI TALAGA. Isa lang ata na friend ko ang kakilala ko at pinakamalapit na nagba-blog. Oh di ba, napaka-loner ko naman sa blog. Pero I've got 14 followers na ah. Congratulations to mee, lmao.
Actually, katatapos ko lang gumawa ng report for the accomplishment for this week. Huwaaaw, seryosong-seryoso ako sa trabaho. SUMEG-way lang ako sa pag-update ng blog. Ayoko rin naman pabayaan ang blog na to, loool. Minsan kase talaga, blog lang ang kausap ko, lol. Kagaya ngayon. Hahahahaha. Medyo nakakadiri na ata itong post ko on my personality as in from fashion blog entry onto this stupid and non sense entry. Maiba naman daw. Kbye!

Lin Goon Geung

Saturday, January 07, 2012

OOTD: SuperProxy Yoh / Trip to Enchanted Kingdom

Yesterday, I had fun with my family at Enchanted Kingdom and of course, I wanted to share again a blog entry of my OOTD.

But before I share my OOTD, here's a video of the SUPERPROXY song by the late Francis M.(RIP) featuring Ely Buendia wearing the exact shirt like mine.


And here's a photo version of mine, lol.

Here also a LookBook version :)

SuperProxy Shirt by Francis M. Clothing Co.
Stripes Short from Human
Brown Oxford Shoes from Tomato

I saw last night "MUYMUY PALABOY" also wearing this shirt on Bubble Gang.

Here's a cool jump shot photo to see what's written on the back of my shirt.

If you want the shirt, click here. It also comes with black:

BTW, I enjoyed the Enchanted Kingdom trip with my family. Here are some sneaks:

Me, holding the ticket.

 With Eldar the Wizard(don't mind the overloaded "TIYAN")

Hahaha, acknowledgement for my sister Ching for the photo shoot for this blog entry. Hello readers, meet my younger sister. 

And my sister also wearing FMCC shirt.

Congratulate me for riding on these: jdkhfkasljh! FTW.

Space Shuttle

 Anchors Away

Jaaaaraaan my best photo of the daaaaay:

Wheel of Fate

BTW, I will be working on Monday as an accountant and an encoder. Congratulate me for my new work. And I'll update my blog if I have some time. Good luck on my new work.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

CHRISTMAS OOTD: That's Polka Dots

A quick blog post about my Christmas OOTD:

 Polka Top from Surplus Shop
Gray Cardigan from my sister's closet
Denim Stonewash Shorts from OP
Brown Leather Oxford Shoes from Tomato
Key Necklace I bought from Macs
Black Belt from Genevieve Gozum
Headband from Aksesoriz

My yellow top polka izzo cute with the gray cardigan I borrowed from my sis. Paired it with my denim stonewash shorts, tucked it in, accentuated with black belt, key necklace and headband also. And it's soo comfy to wear my new Oxford shoes I bought.(umo-oxford shoes, lol).

Here also some photos from my facebook account : click