Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello fellow bloggers and readers. Tonight, I wanna share you my new set of make up which I got from my Aunt's "PASALUBONG". Actually, nanganagti 'yung kamay ko whenever I see this, lol. But swear my hands are itchy because of my allergy and it's a "BEH" for me.

Been asking "palagi" my tita for a set of make up. And I always remind her for that kapag nag-uusaap kame on Skype. Even though "nakukulitan na siya", she still got a make up for me. Yey, 'coz she knows that this is my weakness and the thing that I'm obsessed with.


I laughed when I saw this. Nakalagay siya sa box. And when I opened it, "akala ko PSP"(don't laugh kase, ka-shape niya 'yung PSP). I thought, 'yung ibabaw lang 'yung may make up. I picked up the box again, read the indications, tiningnan ko 'yung ibang laman niya. Meron pa pala siya sa ilalim. And that made me smile because it is a complete set of make up. Yehey! I had a replacement for my "UPOD" na white shadows ko from Clinique which is my favorite na palagi ko nilalagay on my eyes. And then I bought an additional applicators at the mall :)).

So here is the "BUKAS" version of my Make Up set. You can click on it for full size:

1. Eye shadows
2. Blush
3. Lip Color/Gloss
4. Illuminator
5. Bronzer
6. Cream Highlighter
Includes: Applicators and Mirror

I made "talaga" the effort to put a numbers on it so I can indicate what are those :). Maybe, I'll have a separate post about how I'll apply all of these step by step. I'll watch pa again Jen for some tutorials. She's good on it and she's awesome.

Ok I'm sleepy na. Need to pack up my things for tomorrows swimming session, lol. But I hope you enjoy reading my post. You can write your suggestions over there at my Cbox.



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