Monday, May 02, 2011

Getting Spotty

Hi. It's been uhmmm....(counting) 3 weeks since my last post about my nail designs. Sorry, I haven't posted in a week. Kinda busy though.. Here are the pictures of my nail design right now. You can click them to see the full size. Just click on it :D



Polka dots are some of the most used motifs when it comes to nail art due to their simplicity. Polka dots nails maybe the easiest and most adorable DIY nails that you can ever do.

I started out with a based of Ruby Red, and White for the dots(you can choose any combi) And then I decided to used a hair pin to make some dots. Just like this:

I bent the hair pin open and used the rounded end to make some dots. I wish I'd spaced them out a bit more, lol.

Isn't cute? BTW, let me show you the picture where I got the idea for the color. Here is the inspiration:

(Photo from Google)

Or also known as the "RABBIT EARS HEADBAND". Can somebody tell me where can I buy this? Been looking at the mall, but can't find any. Oh please, please please(begging).

I truly hope that this post is helpful to nail art beginners. To my followers who keep reading my posts, you can use the comment section for some suggestions. Enjoy reading and more nails to come. Kbye.


  1. I wear just a classical bandana in my hair, the effect is the same :]

    nice nails!

  2. Oh hi there, Cherry Stella. Thanks for commenting. I've been looking for that headband. Ok I'll try the classical bandana you were saying. Thanks for the info :)

  3. very nice lin..simple yet cute..good job! love it! <3

  4. Pretty dots - and thats a really clever idea!

  5. oh your nails are so cute! i tried doing dots once and i totally failed lol! and the headbands? im sorry i have no idea of where to get them!

  6. Thank you Jamie. I hope I helped you out with my tricky idea, lol. BTW, I got the headband already with different designs. It will be post soon :)

  7. Thanks also Marie and Rachel for commenting :)