Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Relaxing Weekend

(Photo Inspired by Candy)

I woke up in the morning reading my favorite fashion magazine while having a cup of coffee, Lol, I'm so over caffeinated. Getting some fashion inspiration, some beauty tips(make up tutorial as well). Let me share you some articles that I read from the magazine:

Wearing a Statement Shirt

These trendy tees will make sure that the whole world knows what you think and feel. So, if you need to speak it out, don't just say it, WEAR IT! Look cool.

Wearing a Dark Make Up

Usually, I wear super light make up. And through the years, I realized that my looks is kinda boring. Just by reading this article, I learned how to jazz up without going so complicated. And I started to wear a much darker make up. And my new look can add a fresh spin. Lol.

 Whew! got a hard time writing all these on a scratch paper(laughing). Ok till my next blog. Hope you enjoy reading. Bye.


  1. We have the same starbucks mug! :)) And yes I have to agree, light makeup can be boring noh...I dont know how to apply mas bonggang makeup though! ;) Hihi!

  2. Hi Ana. Magkakasundo tayo sa pagkakape. Over caffeinated na nga ako. Speaking of kape(ahem) nasa starbucks kame kanina and they have a DIY tumbler. Look cooool. Uhmmm sa make-up, planning to post palang about a tutorial. But I'm thinking pa for a very detailed post :D