Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let's Have Another Glass

Yaaay and more yaaay! A surprised drinking session. A bottle of tequila vs. 3? Tan-ta-ra-ran, we're soooo f*cki'n drunk. Aunt Marie, Lolo Bugs and of course, including me (introducing the cast).

Lol, wait... Take a look with my Photography, and I got drunk by that time.. Sorry for not uploading the outtakes. They're sooo blurry. I deleted it. But here is the best shot:


What I love about this photo is by focusing on the subject (shot glass). This shot glass is super win. Quotes, "STILL CAN READ? HAVE ANOTHER GLASS". Lol, I'll keep this glass (evil laugh).

Congrats, I've met the sink again, lmao. Up until now, I'm still having a hangover. EL HOMBRE (tequila brand), I cursed you. It's not "Tequila", It's Te-KILLa" because its killing me, lol :D

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