Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let's Have Another Glass

Yaaay and more yaaay! A surprised drinking session. A bottle of tequila vs. 3? Tan-ta-ra-ran, we're soooo f*cki'n drunk. Aunt Marie, Lolo Bugs and of course, including me (introducing the cast).

Lol, wait... Take a look with my Photography, and I got drunk by that time.. Sorry for not uploading the outtakes. They're sooo blurry. I deleted it. But here is the best shot:


What I love about this photo is by focusing on the subject (shot glass). This shot glass is super win. Quotes, "STILL CAN READ? HAVE ANOTHER GLASS". Lol, I'll keep this glass (evil laugh).

Congrats, I've met the sink again, lmao. Up until now, I'm still having a hangover. EL HOMBRE (tequila brand), I cursed you. It's not "Tequila", It's Te-KILLa" because its killing me, lol :D

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Plans, notes, to-dos, and whatever, loooool. You can write it up on a planner. Actually, I have my planner for 2011. But, gusto ko bumili ulit. In other words, "I NEED A REPLACEMENT".. May nakita kase ako through Google.. Ok here is the picture of my planner right now..

This planner is from my friend. Birthday present niya sa akin.. What I love about this planner is the velvet cover at 'yung SB chain niya. Lol, swear, di ko pa masyado nagagamit.. Wala naman kase ako masyado plans this year.. Tssss.... Gusto ko talaga 'yung nakita ko sa Google.. Hmmmm, so I've decided na kuhanin 'yung picture na 'yun and put it right here on the Blog.. Here it is:

This planner is sooooo win. Pero di ko naman alam kung saan bibili nito.. I googled the location of Emily the Strange Store, sad to say na wala siya store dito sa Philippines :(.. Eto lang 'yung nakita ko: just click here. And the planner is not available..

(photo from Google)

 If I can have this, I'll write all my strange plans, loljk.. I hope, eto 'yung planner ko for 2012. If not, just a collectors item. So if you know kung saan meron, tell me or pwede niyo na din ako ibili, lmao. Kbye :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Relaxing Weekend

(Photo Inspired by Candy)

I woke up in the morning reading my favorite fashion magazine while having a cup of coffee, Lol, I'm so over caffeinated. Getting some fashion inspiration, some beauty tips(make up tutorial as well). Let me share you some articles that I read from the magazine:

Wearing a Statement Shirt

These trendy tees will make sure that the whole world knows what you think and feel. So, if you need to speak it out, don't just say it, WEAR IT! Look cool.

Wearing a Dark Make Up

Usually, I wear super light make up. And through the years, I realized that my looks is kinda boring. Just by reading this article, I learned how to jazz up without going so complicated. And I started to wear a much darker make up. And my new look can add a fresh spin. Lol.

 Whew! got a hard time writing all these on a scratch paper(laughing). Ok till my next blog. Hope you enjoy reading. Bye.

My First Batch of Nail Polishes/Accessories for this Year

Yellow, Red Orange, Lavender, Frosted Blue from Sinful Colors Proffessionals
Moma(238) from NYC
The rest don't have a label

I took a picture of my imported nail polishes. Lol, sorry for bragging but I'm just excited. I really love the yellow one. I'm expecting the second batch this coming month of May. Waiting for my aunt's "PASALUBONG"(smiling with full of excitement).

Nail File from Aerosoles

Hahahaha this is not a popsicle stick, this is a Nail File. Obviously, I use this for shaping up my long hard nails :D I love this because of it's rainbow color.

Nail accessories/bead/gems

This is the very exciting part, putting up some gems/beads on my nails(nakakagawa ako ng flower etc. through this thing lol)

And I'm still waiting for my Aunt's "PASALUBONG". I hope mas marami pa ang dumating(laughing)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lin's Easter Eggs and Bunny Nails

Hi again. I made these nails for the coming holy week.. It's kinda cute. With a cute little chick coming out of it's shell, the bunny, and the others of course the easter eggs LOL :D

I used my nail polish from U.S.(Sinfulcolor Proffesionals), the yellow one and the blue one. And the others are only local brand I bought here in the Philippines.

Here is one of my favorite design(You can click the picture below for full size of the image)

 Hey! I'm not giving you a F*ck. The picture said that this is my favorite. With the purple bunny on it LOL.

More nails to come.. Thanks for reading

Friday, April 08, 2011

Lin's Sunflower Summer Nails

 I love this picture. My nails with my Yellow Kathy Van Zeeland bag. I made this manicure last week to match with my summer outfit.

Hope you like it.. :)