Thursday, December 08, 2011

BIRTHDAY OOTD : Umasal Lamang Nang Ayon sa Ganda

Ms. Pouty Lips
Hi I'm Lin, 24. I'm working at our own store(self-employed) and a blogger at the same time. I'm a frustrated fashion stylist, lol. "Kaya dinadaan ko na lang sa blog itong pagiging fashionista kuno ko". I just wanna share my style lang naman. And today, I wanna share you what's my OOTD when I celebrated my birthday last December 06, 2011. Here are some sneaks:

"Ganda" Shirt by Team Manila Lifestyle 
Stonewash Denim Shorts by OP
Black Leather Ribbon Wristlet by F & H 
Black Nerd Eyeglasses
Red Toms Replica Shoes
Domo Kun Sling Bag

Wearing my Team Manila Shirt saying, "Umasal Lamang Nang Ayon sa Ganda" and paired it with Denim Stone-wash Shorts and also my red sneaks. I accentuate it with Black Leather Ribbon wristlet, black nerd eyeglasses. Am I cute? Haha. Medyo natuwa yung mga friends ko at na-cute-an(aheeem) sa mga photos ko kaya ginawaan nila ako ng collage. Here oh:

Pang-Lookbook by Chico

Collage-collage-an by Meryl

 You can also visit Meryl's blog: here
She's an amaaazziing Blogger :)

For Blog Header by Mher
Thanks guys. Appreciated much.

And here's my LookBook Version:

You may also see the other photos here. Ok just click.

Thanks also to my sister for the photo shoot.

Hope you enjoy my OOTD. You can leave a comment on the comment section. Kbye

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Pack Meeee Team Manila

Last Friday morning, I just received  this package from Team Manila Lifestyle. After a long wait, it finally arrived, lol. Medyo na-delay ang pag-receive ko ng package na to. Nagkaroon kase ng problem with Xend.

And here's the actual photos of my ordered shirt :D


"Umasal Lamang ng Ayon sa Ganda". Yan ang sabi ni Lourd De Veyra at ng T'shirt ko, loool. Winner ang sinasabi ng statement shirt na to. I ordered this kase, may girlaloo na super magparinig sa akin on FB and she's insisting that she's prettier than meee. Hello, I'm not competing with her anyway. Actually, she's not pretty. "NAGMAMAGANDA LANG", lmao. Oh well, kung dinadaanan niya ako sa pagpaparinig on FB, I don't  need to speak it out or post it out on FB , I'll simply WEAR this shirt. Oh di ba? Mas cool? Ok never mind. Don't have to mention her name. She's still bitter.

I ordered this online. Kase naman, it's not available at the mall. It is "EXCLUSIVELY" online mao-order. Soo if you want also to order, just click here. You need to have an account first before ordering. And also, be patient while ordering. kase matagal ang process nila. SERYOSO :D

BTW, this will be my next order. Not now. Because, I'm broke, loool.


The famous expression nowadays. "EDI IKAW NA. IKAW NA MAGANDA", libre naman ang mangrap eh. Looool

I"m Lin Rios and I'm proud to wear "GAWANG PINOY". Thanks Team Manila.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Haul

I haven't getting the time to update my blog lately because I've been really busy at our store. Blogging has become part of my life. Every time I hear, see or experience something that interests me, I feel I need to blog about it right away and share it with you all :) And today, I want to share my November Haul.

Even though I'm, busy with our store, I have time pa din to shop some cute stuff thru malls and even online, lol.

And here they are:

Toms Red Replica Shoes
Hello Kitty Hand/Sling Bag
Black Leather Ribbon Wristlet | Key Necklace | Mickey Mouse Earrings

I bought the shoe from a bazaar.Very comfy niya. And first time ko bumili ng "RED" shoe. I bought naman the Hello Kitty Hand bag from a friend. I love collecting Hello Kitty Stuffs :). Lalo na kapag mga bags and purses. The third picture was a set of black accessories. The Key Necklace and Mickey Mouse earrings, I bought them from Macle(a friend of mine). The wristlet is from Folded and Hung.

Last November 16. I ordered shirt from Team Manila online:

"GANDA" Shirt (grabbed from Team Manila)
I hurriedly paid this shirt thru LBC after I received a billing invoice from them that I need to pay the item I ordered. After paying, I contacted them when will be the exact date to receive the package. They said that only 2-3 days. I was expecting to have it delivered last week but I didn't receive it by Friday and I got worried so I immediately contacted them and they said that it got lost by Xend :(. I was sad about that and quite disappointed with what has happened with my package. The transaction was a hassle for me :( They emailed me and promised that I will be receiving the package right before December 6(my birthday). Yesterday, they emailed me again that they already shipped out the item and they gave me the tracking number. And right now, I'm expecting that I will be receiving it tomorrow morning.

I also ordered these online(kanina lang) and I need to pay it thru Globe GCash:

Starbucks Cellphone Charm
Domo Kun Necklace
Plants Vs. Zombies Cellphone Charm
I ordered these cute accessories from  Cheysser's Love Stuff Clay Factory. If you like to order just click here.

I'm not bragging, lol. I'm just showing off what I've bought/purchased from malls and online shops. I'm just sharing these things to all my peers. Hope you enjoy reading this post about what I've bought this month of November :) XOXO

Monday, October 17, 2011

FOTD: Barbie Inspired Look

Barbie have been part of my life when I was a little girl. It seems like Barbie inspired me in so many ways including her make up trend. I saw the old Barbie of my sister. Then Barbie came into my mind to be my FOTD(Face of the Day).

But before I show you some sneak of my photos, watch this video. This reminds me of my childhood days :)


Here is my FOTD, (Ima Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World(me singing))

Barbie Inspired Look

The Make Up:

Turquoise Eyeshadow
Pink Blush
Sexy Pink Lipstick

And of course the inspiration, The Sexy Barbie:

(Photo Grabbed from Google)

BTW, the Hippie Band I'm wearing is only DIY!

I hope you love my FOTD. You can leave your comments below :D XOXO, Lin

Sunday, September 11, 2011

OOTD: Beggar Doll

Oh hello. I'm alive and kicking again here on blog., looool. Sobrang dami ko atang na-miss. Napabayaan ko na ata ang blog ko ;_;

And sa aking pagbabalik here on blog, I want to share what I am wearing today. Here it is:

(Click photo for a closer look on tee)

Beggar Inspired Off Shoulder Tee
Black Tank Top
Boyfriend Shorts
Strappy Black Flats

MUST HAVES: Ripped Tee. Just like this:

As in parang beggar talaga ang dating but its cool to wear :) Pwede din siya i-pair on tight jeans. And BTW, how do you like the bow on my hair? Lmao

Followers and readers, you can leave your comment on the comment section. Kbye!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Lin's Version of Angry Birds Nails

I haven't posted in a month for my nail designs(medyo tinamad ako mag-nail art) So today, I need to blog this cute thing (ahem) my expertise on the cartoon thing on my nails.

Are you familiar with the "ANGRY BIRDS"? Now, it is the most popular game on town, lol. Even on PC's, PSP, IPad, IPhone etc meron nito. Here they are:


And here is the version of my Angry Birds Nails:


I haven't finished the game yet. And instead of finishing it, I end up painting my nails with these cute birds, lol. I made this after I watched Jessica Soho about the Angry Birds Stuff. I saw pa nga Nikki Tiu featured at Jessica Soho last night. Here is her version of her design, click here. This is my first trial on doing this design. I'll made my 2nd version after 2 weeks, lol. And hey, look what I've found at the mall:


Super na-addict na ako sa Angry Birds, lmao. Isn't cute? I want to have pa another one. I want the yellow one but its out of stock :(. Even t'shirt meron na ako, given by my uncle(will be posted soon).

Hope you like my nail design today. Kbye.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FOTD : Bullet for My Valentine's Tears Don't Fall Leading Lady Inspired Look

OMG. I can't believe it. We're on the half of month of June. Time flown by soooo fast. Summer has just ended. And I've been sooo EMO these past days just like the gloomy weather here in the Phil, loool. And I keep on playing this song and I've been LSS. Then, this leading lady came into my mind to be my FOTD. Watch this video:

This video is full of win. The girl is damn martyr in love, tsk!  BTW, back on my FOTD, I'll show you the inspiration for my FOTD:

Loooooljk. Ok, ok here she is:


Before I show you my FOTD, let me show first my BEFORE look:


And Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the zombie:


I used black eyeshadows and blend it, black eyeliner(make it dark, just like a Zombie, loool), nude blush and concealer for the lips to make it pale. And I tease my hair with a teasing comb, with fringe bangs covering my right eye.

Here is a closer look of my eye:

Wheeew got a hard time workin' on my eye and on my hair. It took an hour, looool

I hope you like my FOTD. Rock and Roll.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

OOTD / FOTD : Not Soooo Emo

Hi, almost a month, no blog post. I'm busy duh, loooooljk.
And sooo I need to blog my very first OOTD or Outfit of the Day with FOTD thing, looool.

Here is a sneak of my super "BOO" OOTD:


Tank Top from Artwork with Bear in the Bottle detail
Black Tight Jeans from Wrangler
FlipFlops Havaianas Black Top
Accessories: Camera Bling and 1 inch Baller says "BAD ASS"
Snake Skin Hand Bag from Nine West

I know my outfit is a BOO, loooool. I'm on an EMO-thing. I wore this outfit yesterday when I headed at SB with my friend Chix. "Binagay ko lang yung porma ko at make up ko sa kasama ko, lol."(trying to explain). Chix is super EMO on his get up. And as you can see, I only wore a pair of Flip Flops, because it's raining. Tsssss.

And here is my FOTD:


An Emo inspired look. I match the make up and my up do with the outfit. Smokey black eyeshadows and red hot lipstick. And a one sided hair trying to cover up my right eye, loool.  "Ganon daw 'yung emo." But swear I'm not EMO. And also I wore hair extensions.

Here is a not sooo close look of my smokey eye:

(Ahem) Super sa page-emote on cam.

I hope you like my first OOTD post and FOTD post. If you have any suggestions, leave a message right on my CBOX or comments on the comment section. KBYE!


Lin ('oo')

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bling It On!

Are you one of the people who is "MAHILIG SA BLING-BLING"? Lol, and then you belong :D. And I am proud that I'm one of them(sparkling eyes).

I've been collecting some accessories, lalo na mga necklace and they are best paired with a simple plain dress. And as I read in some fashion blogs and magazines, "uso 'yung bling-bling". And so, I want to have them. And then, tumingin ako at the mall(I don't want to detail the name of the mall). They're so expensive. 500PhP and above the price. So, tumingin na lang ako sa iba. Lucky, I found a cheaper price. Here are the "BLING-BLINGs" that I bought when we went to Festival Mall.


The Robot Bling is a camera shy, lol. The real price is 180PhP each. And I made a "TAWAD" to "ATE" and I got them for only 100PhP each.


I bought this for my sister. I know she preferred a Butterfly pendant. But I found this cute for her(maiba naman hindi 'yung palaging butterfly), lol.


This is sooo cute :). This is look like a Lego('yung paborito ko laruin nung bata ako). I love robots. Eto 'yung second choice ko sa pendant ng bling. And here is my first choice:


I love cameras. I made a very best choice for this bling. Eto talaga 'yung first choice ko. Hindi na ako nag-dalawang isip na bilihin. Kaya, super tawad ako kay ate, lol. What I love about this bling is the color(black). Vintage style.

I'll buy next time for the other designs. It's too much if bumuli ako ng sabay-sabay, looooool :D

So if you're a fan of a "BLING-BLING", you can leave your comment at the comment section. And please tell me if you see some other blings. Thanks in advance.


Stick-On Flower Decor on Purple Glittery Base

It's been a week when a pimple appeared right on my cheek and I really hate it(till now andito pa din siya). So I'd stop "muna" my FOTD post. I'm soooo shy tuloy to take some portrait photos of mine because of my "yucky red spot" : |

Since I'm on a "No to FOTD" days, I'll post here on blog about what I've done with my nails.(Maybe a week pa na ganito post ko) I used my Mini Nail Polish Set and Stick-On Nail Decors. Ok here is the result of my "Katamaran", lol.


Remember that I posted here on blog that I'll share you if I already used some of my nail accessories? Here is a recap: Click Here.

I'm in a "Katamaran" days also, lol. Medyo tinamad ako mag-nail art. And as you noticed, I already cut my long hard nails. Nabali na kase siya and I have no choice but to cut them. And also I have an allergy(you can also notice them on the picture).

Eto 'yung mga ginamit ko for doing this:


First, you are going to start it out with a base of these Purple and Glittery Polish. Let it dry.


Peel decors from backing and press using the orange woodstick on desired nail. Apply top coat to seal decors.

And here is a closer look of my nails:

This is the result of my "Katamaran". Since marami pa naman akong stickers, eto 'yung gagawin ko kapag medyo tinatamad ako mag-nail art, lol :D. I made a wrong decission pa nga with the combination. Lol, but this is only a trial. I'll try hard na lang for the next.

BTW, I wanna thank all the blog readers, followers and my facebook friends who keeps reading my blog. Nakakataba ng puso, lol. As in "SUPER THANK YOU".

So till my next blog post. XOXO

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello fellow bloggers and readers. Tonight, I wanna share you my new set of make up which I got from my Aunt's "PASALUBONG". Actually, nanganagti 'yung kamay ko whenever I see this, lol. But swear my hands are itchy because of my allergy and it's a "BEH" for me.

Been asking "palagi" my tita for a set of make up. And I always remind her for that kapag nag-uusaap kame on Skype. Even though "nakukulitan na siya", she still got a make up for me. Yey, 'coz she knows that this is my weakness and the thing that I'm obsessed with.


I laughed when I saw this. Nakalagay siya sa box. And when I opened it, "akala ko PSP"(don't laugh kase, ka-shape niya 'yung PSP). I thought, 'yung ibabaw lang 'yung may make up. I picked up the box again, read the indications, tiningnan ko 'yung ibang laman niya. Meron pa pala siya sa ilalim. And that made me smile because it is a complete set of make up. Yehey! I had a replacement for my "UPOD" na white shadows ko from Clinique which is my favorite na palagi ko nilalagay on my eyes. And then I bought an additional applicators at the mall :)).

So here is the "BUKAS" version of my Make Up set. You can click on it for full size:

1. Eye shadows
2. Blush
3. Lip Color/Gloss
4. Illuminator
5. Bronzer
6. Cream Highlighter
Includes: Applicators and Mirror

I made "talaga" the effort to put a numbers on it so I can indicate what are those :). Maybe, I'll have a separate post about how I'll apply all of these step by step. I'll watch pa again Jen for some tutorials. She's good on it and she's awesome.

Ok I'm sleepy na. Need to pack up my things for tomorrows swimming session, lol. But I hope you enjoy reading my post. You can write your suggestions over there at my Cbox.